Vicar's Moving Announcement

Published On: 

Sun 10 Jan 2021 — 5:45 pm

At our services this morning, James announced that he would be resigning as vicar of Kemsing and Woodlands some time in the early summer.

If you weren't in church this morning, his announcement can be viewed here:

As he mentions, 3 minutes is too short to answer all the questions people may have. So an event is planned, on Zoom because of Covid-19 restrictions, for Wednesday evening. James will explain more fully his reasons for leaving, and introduce where he's moving and why. This will be followed by a chance to ask any questions you wish.

Please join us on Wednesday 13th January at 8pm. The Zoom meeting will begin at 7.50pm to allow us to start promptly at 8.00pm. If you're joining us (and if you know how to do this!), please set your Zoom display name to be your real name before joining. The meeting is open, but is intended for members of our community here, along with friends (personal friends, and friends of our church) from further afield. Having real names helps make sure everyone is admitted.

The Zoom details are as follows: